• Project type: International open two-stage urban design competition
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Client: Stuttgart City
  • Program:  appr. 85 ha of a new residential district with socio-cultural facilities and expansion of Rosenteinpark and Schlossgarten
  • Project year: 2018–2019


Gleisbogen Park

  • Project type: Parallel Assignment
  • Location: Huddinge, Stockholms county
  • Client: Byggvesta, Stiftelsen Clara, Huddinge municipality
  • Program:  university campus and student housing
  • Project year: 2017 – current

Campus Flemingsberg

A new creative university hub

  • Project type: Selected participant in closed urban planning competition
  • Location: Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Client: Strelka KB
  • Program:  345 ha of residential mixed-used development
  • Project year: 2018

Oktyabrsky Island

The making of a City

  • Project type: Selected participant in urban planning competition
  • Location: Freiburg, Germany
  • Client: Freiburg City
  • Program: 8000 apartments, school campus, sport facilities, local services for 20 000 residents
  • Project year: 2017


A tale of two cities

  • Project type: Invited competition.
    Location: Karlstad, Sverige
  • Client: Karlstads kommun
  • Program: 1500-3000 housing units, schools, sports facilities, etc.
  • Project year: 2017
  • Completed: Ongoing


From ”an edge city” to “the city of edges”

  • Project type: Invited competition. Masterplan for transformation of industrial area.
  • Location: Karlstad, Sweden
  • Client: Konsum Värmland
  • Program:145 000 sqm housing, Coop-store and other facilities.
  • Project year: 2017
  • Completed: Ongoing


New connections in Karlstad

  • Project type: Invited competition
  • Location: Västerås, Sweden
  • Client: Västerås City
  • Program: About 2500 housing units, school, kindergartens, and local services
  • Project year: 2016
  • Completed: On going


Beacon hills

  • Project type: Urban concept and masterplan
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Client: Stockholm City
  • Program: More than 1100 apartments, one school, two kindergartens and commercial premises
  • Project year: 2016 –
  • Completed: Ongoing


Suburb meets urban